The 4 Worst Habits For Your Spine You Are Doing Everyday

carry backpack correctly to protect your spine

There are many small habits you do each day without even thinking about them.  Some of these habits could be having a negative effect on your spine and ultimately on your health overall.

Which of the following 4 habits do you need to change?

Carrying a heavy backpack or purse incorrectly
If you use a backpack in your daily life for going to work or school, ensure that you are putting the straps over BOTH shoulders and not just slinging it over one shoulder for convenience sake. For those who use a shoulder bag or purse, be ruthless about deciding what you really need to be carrying around each day. Keep the load as light as possible and switch up which shoulder you carry your bag or purse on.

sitting all day

Sitting for extended periods of time every day
This one is a challenging habit to break if you work in an office setting and sit behind a desk all day. Ask your workplace about standing desks. If those aren’t an option, make a conscious effort to get up every 30 – 60 minutes for a stretch break. How are you using your break or lunch times? Head out for a quick walk or do a few laps around the office cubicles. Take the long route to the coffee pot or washroom. Be creative about getting more movement into your day depending on your situation. Your body and most importantly your spine will thank you!

Poor posture while looking at your smartphone
Everywhere I go in downtown Ottawa I see all kinds of people staring at their phones with their heads down. Check out this video for a demonstration on what staring down at your smartphone everyday is doing to your spine and get some practical tips to avoid the dreaded “text neck”.

Lack of consistent chiropractic care
More often than not, your back and neck issues took years in the making and were not caused by a one time event. The remedy will not be a one-time event either. The patients I have who make the most improvements are superstars with their chiropractic care and tractioning exercises. Keep a consistent routine of maintaining the health of your spine and you will notice the difference!

Protect the health of your spine. Good habits practiced consistently will make a big difference over time.

Dr. Derek Haughton