Spinal Corrective Care
The Backbone of Your Health

At Ascension Chiropractic Health Centre, our core service is spinal corrective care.

It’s that straightforward, yet incredibly complex and important. Our overall health is determined by our body functions, which in turn are controlled by our nervous system. Our spine and spinal cord are the common pathway for all impulses from the body to the brain, and from the brain to the body.

So their function and structure are at the very centre of our overall health. If there are problems in your spine, you are certain to see and feel the repercussions elsewhere.

Spinal corrective care includes relief and stabilization care, structural corrective care and wellness or optimization care. Simplified, this means correcting the problems, and allowing your body to achieve what it is beautifully designed to do: return to functioning healthily and comfortably again.

This is why in receiving spinal corrective care, as a natural benefit of an optimally functioning spine, spinal cord, and entire nerve system, Dr. Haughton’s patients enjoy relief from of a myriad of issues. These include but are not limited to:

A visit to the Ascension Chiropractic Health Centre can be the beginning of a new era in your overall health, enjoyment of life with the ones you love, and your ability to achieve your most important goals. We see it every day.

Why put off enjoying life any longer?