A New Year: Dream and Write it Down!
Part 1 of 3

It’s 2016. Have you set some goals? Do you want this year to be the starting point of something that’s truly amazing? Or do you find yourself feeling reticent, or even avoidant of setting goals?

Although resolutions are commonly mocked, goal setting and achievement is a requirement for us to be able to live and give abundantly during our time on this planet.  That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate the next three blogs to the topic.  We’ll get to goals later. First, we have to DREAM!

Let me ask you…when did you stop dreaming? Wasn’t it when life’s challenges knocked you down further than you’d ever expected? A health problem, death of a special person in your life, a broken relationship, job loss, financial stresses, or when life just got ‘busy’?  Disappointments in life (and we all have them) can lead to a jaded attitude caused by the insidious exchange of your optimism for cynicism towards your dreams.

For some of you, you’ve reached some lofty dreams but you’ve just gotten comfortable with where you are and what you have. If life were all about you, that would be ok. There are people and problems in our world that need the solutions contained in your yet unrealized dreams. For you, it’s time to get uncomfortable again and start reaching even higher.

It’s time to get back to your dreams. This isn’t a time to analyse but a time to pour out from your heart who you desire to ‘BE’, what you would love to ‘DO’, and even what you’d like to ‘HAVE’ in this miraculous opportunity of life we’ve been given.

So, who do you want to ‘BE’ as a person this year, in 10 years, in this life? What traits do you value and want to nurture more of in your character and why? Be sure to include what you want to be creating, nurturing, and experiencing in your health because virtually ALL your dreams will depend on how healthy (not just ‘pain free’!!!) you are!  How will this feel to you and how will it change your interactions with life and the people around you to be this person you desire to be? A Bible scripture says: ‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ Changing our thinking is the first step to making meaningful change in any other area. As one of my life coaches often says: “To change the world around you, you must first change the world inside of you”. Dream–and write it down.

What would you like to ‘DO’ and experience in the years ahead of you? Travel, adventures, social interactions, giving and sharing with those around you and those in need? Create a new business venture? Whould you like to learn something new, go back to school, read some books on a particular subject of interest? What would you like to do to build family bonds, nurture good and strong character in your children, or maybe connect with friends or family on a deeper level this year, in 10 years and beyond? Dream–and write it down.

What do you want to ‘HAVE’? Are there things you’d like to have that will bring joy to you and others by having? A quick note— it’s ok to have possessions, it’s not ok to be possessed by your ‘things’. Notice that dreaming about the ‘BE‘ part of your life comes before the ‘HAVE‘. If you’re putting your true values into your ‘BE‘ and keeping them in first place, you’ll keep the proper perspective on your ‘HAVES‘—so dream–and write it down.

Whatever is on your heart, pour it out! Have fun and be joyful with this process because by doing this you’re transforming your life already!

This is your assignment this week. It’s not done until you’ve written it down. We’ll use your dream list to create your goals with the next blog. Way to go!

Dr. Derek Haughton  B.A., D.C.


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