Moms: The Secret To Leaving An Impact And A Legacy

Moms are generous givers of themselves.  So when our moms are healthy in body, mind, and spirit, we all reap the benefits. Their presence has the potential to impact generations — and so does their absence. Poor health is a thief that robs moms of the power of their impact by either relegating them to the sidelines of life or taking them out way too soon through death. The only way to defend against this thief is to steward (to take regular care of) your health and not just the symptoms or side-effects of poor health.

How do the busiest yet healthiest moms make their health the daily priority it should be? They schedule it! They’re not ‘trying to fit it in’ to their busy day. No, their personal health and fitness time is a staple and pillar that other things are scheduled around. By making this commitment to take care of your body, mind, and spirit, it will become a habit you’ll realize you can’t do without. You’ll see that putting yourself first isn’t selfish at all but an act of love towards the ones you care about and who need your strong and healthy presence in their lives.

Puting everyone else first all the time sounds like an admirable trait for a mother, but when done habitually, this martyrdom will weaken your ability to help others over the long term. Your health is like your bank account. The amount you can pay out will be limited by what you’ve been putting in.

So moms, make it a habit to get active, move your body, take care of your structure (science says you should be seeing a chiropractor), make healthy food choices, and practice healthy mental hygiene by focussing on positive and empowered thoughts. The people around you need your friendship, your hard-won wisdom, your love, and your example, and they need it for a long time!  So take care of your health like your family depends on it — because they do!

If you do this right, many years from now when you die, you won’t just leave an inheritance, you’ll leave a legancy. An inheritance merely requires that you die. A legacy requires that you live well, to the full,  and long enough to model that lifestyle to those you love. By doing this, the impact of your amazing life will not only be a massive blessing to your loved ones today but to generations long after you’re gone!


Dr. Derek Haughton