Good Posture While Driving

Join Dr. Derek Haughton as he takes this latest helpful video “on the road”!

Obviously I’m not in my regular office, but for many people our cars are our second office.  Something we do frequently is not using our mirrors in our car to optimize our posture while driving. I want you to learn today how to use your mirrors to keep better posture.  As you know, how our spine behaves and functions is a measure of our posture on a regular basis. Most of us spend a great deal of time in the car so I want to show you how to set your mirrors up to ensure proper posture while driving.

Step 1

It is very important to ensure your headrest is in the proper position.
Hopefully, you are never in an accident but if you are ever bumped from behind and your head is away from the headrest by any more than an inch, you are probably going to have a whiplash injury. So it’s very important that you keep your head back as close as possible to the headrest. Having your head against the headrest is also better for your posture.

Step 2

Make sure you set yourself appropriately BEFORE adjusting your mirrors. When you get into the car, find where the headrest is with your head, assure you are seated with good posture, and then adjust your mirrors accordingly. You want to make sure you adjust your rearview mirror and your side mirrors. Don’t adjust your mirrors to slouchy posture! If you start seeing the interior roof of your car in your mirror rather than being able to see out of your back window because you are beginning to slouch, don’t readjust your mirrors – adjust your posture!

Hope this has been helpful for you in having good posture while driving!  Drive safely!